Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment


The carbon dioxide laser, sometimes called the “workhorse” of lasers, is an invisible light absorbed by water, the primary component of human skin. When the beam is focused, it can cut tissue and seal blood vessels simultaneously. When defocused, it vaporizes. These characteristics make it the treatment of choice for removing warts and many types of skin growths.

CO2 laser treatment can also make the skin smoother and tighter while reducing wrinkles and pigmentation problems, problems that can occur as collagen breaks down throughout the aging process.

Who is a Candidate for CO2 Laser Treatment?

Skin resurfacing with a fractional carbon dioxide laser is a safe and effective procedure for nearly any skin type and can be applied to most areas of the body. During this treatment, your plastic surgeon applies the pattern of tiny light pulses to your skin in an even motion.

Each pulse delivers a column of energy that penetrates to the dermal layer, stimulating a natural renewal process of collagen. In between the treated areas, small areas of skin will be left untouched, allowing a quicker recovery. Today’s laser devices are designed to give your surgeon precise control, so the energy settings can always be adjusted to a safe level.

Treatment can usually be finished in less than one hour. You may experience a warm sharp feeling and an immediate tightening of the skin. Anesthetic ointments and cooling devices can be used to reduce any discomfort during and after the procedure.

What to Expect After CO2 Laser Treatment

If you have undergone a full facial treatment, you will need to stay indoors for a few days while applying a topical ointment as directed by the doctor. Your skin may exhibit a light pink color as you heal, which can usually be concealed with makeup.

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