Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation, which is also known as genioplasty or mentoplasty, is a procedure that is designed to reshape the chin. There are several things that Dr. Leonard can do to accomplish this. He can reshape the chin bone or put an implant inside of the chin.

If you are Thinking About Getting a Chin Surgery

The purpose of chin surgery is to improve the look of your chin. Surgery can also help balance your chin with your other facial features. In many cases, Dr. Leonard may recommend that people get nose surgery along with chin surgery. Your chin may minimize or enhance your nose.

Is Chin Surgery Right for Me?

In order to be considered a good candidate for this type of surgery, you must be in good health. You should also have reasonable expectations about the outcome of this surgery. Additionally, it is important to let Dr. Leonard know about any medications that you are taking.

You are considered a good candidate for this procedure if you have a pointed or squared chin. You are also a good candidate if you have a recessed chin. Furthermore, if you have a prominent nose, then you are considered a good candidate for this operation.

What Does Chin Surgery Entail?

Anesthesia will be given prior to this surgery. You have the option of getting general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Dr. Leonard will recommend the option that is best for you. A small incision will be made inside of your mouth or under your skin. After that, he will place an implant underneath your chin.

The incision is typically made in the mouth if Dr. Leonard is placing an implant. However, there are some cases where the incision is made under the chin. Surgery can typically be performed within 30 minutes to one hour, but the time can vary from patient to patient.

Dr. Leonard will select the implant that is the right shape and size for your chin before surgery is performed. The implant will be placed in a pocket that is in front of the jawbone.

How to Recover From Chin Surgery

Tape will be applied to the chin after surgery. Sutures will also be applied. If the incision is made inside of the mouth, then absorbable sutures will be used. Absorbable sutures will dissolve on their own. If the sutures are not absorbable, then they will be removed within one to two weeks.

You may notice results immediately after you get a chin implant. However, it is important to note that you will not notice the full results until the swelling goes down. It can take a few months for the swelling to completely go down.

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