TAP Blocks

Less pain. That is exactly what you’ll experience with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with Dr. Leonard because of his expertise utilizing ultrasound guided TAP blocks with an Exparel anesthetic agent.


When abdominoplasty is performed, not only is excessive skin taken off for tightening, but more importantly the abdominal muscles are brought together and repaired, as they have been stretched and damaged from pregnancy or heavy weight status. The repair of the abdominal muscles is called a “plication” and brings the muscles into the midline, and tightens your inside muscle layer like a corset. This is the MAGIC of abdominoplasty. Unfortunately, with muscle work, there is significant pain, and many patients will share with others their painful experience. When you have abdominoplasty with Dr. Leonard, this is ABSOLUTELY NOT the case.

About the TAP Block Technique

To reduce your pain, during your surgery Dr. Leonard will perform a TAP block, “tranversus abdominis plane block”. This is a technique that uses an ultrasound so that safety can be assured, and delivers the anesthetic agent directly into the muscle plane to maximize pain relief. Additionally, Dr. Leonard will use a new pain blocker agent called Exparel, which will keep the abdominal area fairly pain free and numb for approximately two to three days.

Dr. Leonard's TAP Block Expertise

The TAP block is usually done by an anesthesiologist, but Dr. Leonard has undergone special training to perform the tap bock himself, to ensure success. He is one of the few surgeons able to do this procedure safely through ultrasound guidance, and this will be a huge advantage for you as a patient.This ensures that your abdominoplasty can be not only done more comfortably, but more safely.

After Your Surgery

With any surgery, the first two to three days are when the pain fibers fire the hardest, and most pain is experienced. Because Dr. Leonard uses the TAP block technique, the abdominal wall will be fairly numb and pain free during this critical time. Also, when the numbing medicine wears off, there is no large rebound of pain, because the pain fibers are already starting to give up. The end result, is that when you have abdominoplasty by Dr. Leonard, your post operative pain will be dramatically less than with other surgeons.

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