Facial Dermaplaning

For those who suffer from uneven or unhealthy looking skin, facial dermaplaning can be an excellent solution. Performed by Dr. Leonard, this is a non-surgical procedure that helps correct the appearance of imperfections caused by skin damage. With the ability to create smoother and healthier skin, it’s an ideal choice for individuals suffering from varying degrees of skin problems. Unlike other procedures, it helps improve the look of the skin by actually making it healthier.

The Best Candidates for Facial Dermaplaning

For those who are familiar with weekly exfoliation routines for their skin, facial dermaplaning is very similar. It uses precise clinical exfoliation techniques to remove the top layers of the skin. While this will produce redness, this is only temporary. The removal of the outer layers is necessary to even out any raised areas of the skin, such a those impacted by scars. Being more abrasive than alternative treatments, such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels, it does offer the advantage of more effectively evening out the surface of the skin. Recovery generally lasts at least one week, while more complex skin conditions may require several weeks to completely heal.

The Surgery

To enhance comfort during the procedure, Dr. Leonard will provide you with sedation in addition to a local anesthetic. As a result, you will sleep through the entire process while Dr. Leonard takes care of your skin. He will begin by using a razor-like instrument called a dermatome, which will graze over the surface of your skin. As this happens, it will gently remove the top layers, which tend to be the most damaged. Once the most favorable results have been achieved, Dr. Leonard will apply ointment directly onto your skin before covering the treated areas with a bandage.

After Your Surgery

Caring for your skin properly after treatment is a critical step in achieving optimal results. This begins with having a designated ride home once the procedure has been completed. Assistance should continue with one or two people at your home to help you with basic needs. Your skin should be cared for regularly by applying the ointment and replacing the bandages as often as is required.

After about a week of healing, it’s likely the bandages will not be required. However, Dr. Leonard may still require you to apply ointment based on your examination during a follow-up visit. As you continue healing, you will find that your skin will remain sensitive and need to be protected. It’s recommended to avoid prolonged time in the sun or any outdoor activities that may irritate the treatment site. Scabbing and peeling of the skin are both common and can be expected for the majority of patients.

When it comes to risks of the dermaplaning procedure, they include scarring, changes in the skin’s pigmentation and infection. For specific information about side effects, Dr. Leonard can address those during your personal consultation.

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