Patient AB

En Block and Mastopexy Implant Removal


This 47-year-old had breast augmentation 25 years prior to her consultation with Dr. Leonard. Her initial implants were saline, but after a left implant rupture, she had round 375cc gel implants placed 16 years later. About 2 years ago, she was involved in two separate car accidents, the first involving the right shoulder and breast and the second involving her left shoulder and breast. Following these accidents, she began to experience hardening and breast pain. Because of this, she was interested in permanent removal of her implants and reconstructive lifting. Dr. Leonard recommended an en bloc implant removal, which removes the capsule surrounding the implant intact with the implant inside, and a breast lift. She underwent both procedures and returned for her final appointment 6 months after surgery. She said after surgery she experienced significant relief of pain and pressure, but also realized she had systemic symptom improvement as well. She has more energy, joint pain relief and is incredibly happy with her decision to remove her implants.

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