Patient E.

Latissimus Dorsi Flap Implant



This 65 year old woman came in for consultation with Dr. Leonard having already proceeded with a left mastectomy. She did have radiation therapy, which caused significant damage and scarring to the chest wall. She was frustrated with wearing an external prosthesis  and quite self conscious of the mastectomy appearance. She elected to do reconstruction with a latissimmus dorsi flap with a tissue expander. Her final implant was a silicone gel implant. When she had her nipple reconstruction she also had a breast lift on the right side for symmetry. She completed the reconstruction process with nipple tattooing. The discoloration from radiation is almost completely gone because of the improved blood supply from the latissimus dorsi flap. She has no restrictions with movement or function. She said the several surgeries were worthwhile and her life is greatly improved. She is thrilled with her results. 

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