Patient D.

Mastopexy Augmentation


Height: 5 ft. 4 in.│Weight: 150 lbs.


Following gastric bypass surgery and significant weight loss, this 27 old female came for a consultation for breast enhancement. She lost 75 pounds, going from 225 down to 150. Two years prior, she had a breast reduction and had existing scars on the breast. She also had complications with that surgery requiring some additional volume be removed from the right breast. She requested a revision to those scars as well as asymmetry leaving her feeling unbalanced. During the consultation, a discussion was held regarding additional lifting and an implant to accomplish her goals. An extended breast lift was necessary to remove all the excess tissue around her side in the bra line. Dimensional sizing was done she chose round, high profile silicone gel implants. A larger implant was placed on the right to make up for lost volume from her last surgery. Implant volume was 355cc on the left side and 405cc on the right. Additional body contouring was performed at the same time, including circumferential abdominoplasty. She did very well with surgery and continues to be pleased with all of her results. Pictures are 6 and a half months post op.

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