Patient C.

Mastopexy Augmentation


Height: 5 ft. 6 in.│Weight: 144 lbs.


This 38 year old female experienced significant loss of volume in the breast, as well as dropping (ptosis) following the birth of her two children. Her goals were to have a lifted and full breast while maintaining body balance. She did not wish to be too large. At the consultation, she was informed that to achieve those goals, she would need a mastopexy to elevate the nipple complex and tighten the skin. Following dimensional sizing, she elected to utilize textured, round silicone gel implants with a moderate profile so as not to achieve too large of a size. Breast augmentation and mastopexy were performed along with additional body contouring for a mommy makeover. Here pictures are 6 months after surgery and she is elated with her results and the balanced look of her breasts. The scars are still slightly pink, but will fully mature and fade over the next year.

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