Patient B.

Mastopexy Augmentation


Height: 5 ft. 6 in.│Weight: 139 lbs.


This is a 54 year old female who successfully underwent bariatric surgery and a significant weight loss of 97 pounds. During the process, she also lost significant volume of the breast as well as quite dramatic dropping (ptosis). Her goals for breast enhancement were to achieve a tight and lifted breast with more volume and fullness. During the consultation, it was explained that in order to meet her goals, she would require a mastopexy (breast lift) to position the nipples as well as tighten the skin envelope. Her volume would be augmented with a implant. Dimensional sizing revealed a shaped, silicone gel “gummy bear” implant would provide the more natural, youthful appearance she desired. In addition to her breast surgery, she also had additional skin tightening surgeries, including axilloplasty (side breast/arm pit area) and brachioplasty (upper arm). Here she is pictured 6 months after surgery. Of note is how the tear dropped shaped implants provide more of a “shelf” step off. With all of her goals attained, she is quite pleased with her results. 

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