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15 years earlier, this 46 year old female had a breast augmentation with saline implants by a different surgeon. She said that she had problems with contracture and healing, and the left breast always had an unusual shape. She recently had a rupture of her right implant, with the result shown in the preoperative photo. On evaluation she was found to also have a left double bubble where the muscle had been released too much and the breast tissue was falling to the side, or laterally, of the implant. The patient is quite long chested and it was felt that she could benefit from more implant fill in the upper chest wall. Surgical recommendation was remove her current implants, revise the pockets to minimize the left breast deformity and reshape the pockets with suture sculpting, and placement of the more modern tear drop shaped, textured “gummy bear” implant for optimum results. Her post op photos were taken 5 months out from surgery. She is very pleased wit hthe natural aesthetic results due to the tear drop shaped implant that tapers into the upper chest wall. She achieved her goals and feels much more confident.

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