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For those seeking non-surgical laser treatments, Dr. Leonard invites you to visit Total Medispa. They are located in the Northbank Building steps away from Dr. Leonard’s Office at 700 Bellevue Street South, Suite 100, in Salem, OR.

defaultFraxel Laser treatments: The Fraxel Laser can redefine your skin, by removing common skin issues like wrinkles, loose skin, scars, sun damage and overall uneven skin tone and texture. Not only will your skin look more beautiful and healthy, but it will actually be healthier.

Your Fraxel treatment can be varied in strength to target your specific skin needs. To treat damaged skin, the Fraxel laser penetrates the outer layers of your skin, removing outer damaged skin cells and kick-starting a regenerative process for your skin. After your skin has healed from the treatment, you will note a marked improvement in its appearance.

default-1Thermage treatments: Thermage is a revolutionary new treatment for loose skin on the lower face. If you are beginning to see jowls develop and wish to tone your skin, a Thermage treatment can tighten this loose skin, helping to you look younger and more refreshed.

Unlike the outer laser treatment of Fraxel, the radiofrequency waves used in the Thermage technology penetrate to the deepest tissues beneath your skin. By heating these tissues, the radiofrequency waves stimulate the growth of new collagen. This results in a youthful tightening of the skin improving the contour and texture of your skin.

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